2020-07-25 BEST

FPC Manufacturing Process

Flexible printed circuit board (FPC) increases the routing capability of PCBs. A piece of FPC or a set of multi-layer rigid-flex circuits can achieve the electronic products be routed in the 3D space without the need to weld additional cables and connectors. But the shapes of FPC will get very complicated and the size will be large if the designer would like to achieve such an ideal purpose. In this way, the result of the design is that the cost will be pretty high.

If the designer want to design a FPC which is cost-effective, he has to follow the reasonable manufacturing process. And if you do not know the FPC very well, we would like you to take a look at followings: 

FPC Manufacturing Process-Best FPC

1.      Draft design plan based on the final production capability

2.      Design logic circuit and electronic circuit

3.      Design the outlook of FPC according to the final production capability (In terms of consumer electronics, this procedure needs to be carried out independently, especially in the field of potable electronics)

4.      Draw up circuit design planning. According to the size of component, operating temperature and so on to choose the suitable designing

5.      Using FPC or rigid-flex circuit to solve the routing in a narrow space

6.      If the schematic design can’t meet the original design goal then repeat the above steps to resolve the design conflict

7.      Performing cost analysis of FPC to reduce total routing cost

8.      Optimize the design of circuit graphic and coverlay graphic to reduce mechanical stress

9.      Generate processing data files such as light drawing, numerical control drilling, punching and so on

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