Flex PCB Application

The benefits of flexible circuits are realized in most every application requiring high volume or high degree of accuracy. 

In high volume applications, highly automated fabrication methods reduce human handling of the circuits, reducing both cost and probability of error. Applications like cameras, printers, disk drives, and automotive panels all benefit from high volume flex efficiency. 

Can Flex Circuits Be Used In Every Application

Can Flex Circuits Be Used In Every Application

High-accuracy circuits for aerospace and medical applications benefit from the flex circuit's ability to handle ultra-fine lines and tight tolerances in an age of miniaturization. 

Flexible circuits have been incorporated into several industries throughout the years including:

·Automotive radios, cassette players, electronic control systems and on-board computers 

·Personal and mainframe computers, disk drives, and printers 

·Consumer electronics like calculators, stereos, cameras, and compact disk players 

·Telecommunications equipment, telephone handsets, and switching systems 

·Industrial controls, machine tool controls, and robotics 

·Jet engines, navigational and flight control systems 

·Heart pacemakers, hearing aids, and other medical applications.

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