2022-11-11 BEST

Best FPC RoHs Compliance Statement

Best FPC Engineering's primary role as your source of Flexible Circuits and Rigid-Flex printed circuit boards in Asia is to comply completely with the directives given to us regarding the fabrication of your printed circuits. This goes to the selection of the raw materials and specific surface finishes you specify within the documentation you supply to us. While Best FPC can and will provide direction where we can ultimately it is up to the specifying agent to direct us in the selection of the materials comprising the final build.

Best FPC continues to work with all of our suppliers of materials that could be affected by the new RoHS compliance statutes. We believe that we have identified those raw materials, which will not meet compliance and have identified appropriate alternatives. We can provide specific materials-related related information during your design phase. Our factories have for many years made available several alternative surface finishes to the industry standard HAL solder finish. We will continue to make those finishes available to you. For those applications that will continue to require a solder finish, we are working with our suppliers on the implementation of lead-free alternatives.

Best FPC has prided itself on its commitment to meeting and exceeding all environmental compliance regulations, we are committed now and into the future to working with you to achieve RoHS compliance. Please click to see our latest FPC RoHS & FPC Assembly RoHS report by SGS.


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