FPC Design
What is circuit board design? Flexible circuit board design is divided into OEM PCB design and ODM PCB design according to customer purpose. OEM flex circuit board design is that FPC factories or flex PCB companies produce in batches according to the original drawings the design drawings and materials sent by customers. ODM circuit board design refers to the company's plan to provide customers with customized design and IC material selection after understanding the customer's application products and performance parameters.


  •  ODM Flex PCB Design
  • ODM Flex PCB Design


    Schematic Drawing For Your Specified Product

    Best FPC, as the most distinctive fast provider of circuit board solutions in China, we must meet the PCB design requirements of clients for different purposes. What's ODM Flex PCB design? We provide customized design services based on parameters such as application, performance, impedance, current, voltage, and bending times without the customer providing the schematic diagram of the circuit board design.

    Customized ODM PCB design requires a detailed understanding of the customer's circuit board application parameters, which is relatively rare!

  • ODM Flex Circuit Shape Design


    Custom Printed Design Flex Circuit Layout:


    What is ODM flex circuits design layout? According to the size, shape, voltage, impedance and other standards of the product, PCB engineers design the shape and wiring of the circuit board.


    This ODM design is specially for customers who know little about circuit boards, or iterative product updates. Based on 16 years of experience in various industries, we will provide suitable ODM design solutions to help solve customers' difficulties.

  • PCB Routing For Custom Printed Circuits-Best FPC
  • OEM FPC Routing


    Engineer checks clients' Gerber file or drawing:

    What is OEM PCB design? Customers provide their own circuit board design files, such as Gerber, Boom and other formats, then Best FPC's engineers provide processing and production services after review and confirmation.


    In the process of checking design drawings, it can help customers find design defects; in checking the raw material form, a low-cost raw material selection (under the same quality standard) can be proposed.

  • PCB Design 3D Layout Design From China's PCB Manufacturer-Best FPC
  • OEM Design 3D PCB Display


    3D display of PCB model can show more details:

    The 3D model display can check the structure of the design drawing in all aspects, and repeatedly confirm whether there are design defects that are ignored.

    After being checked by the engineer team, the circuit board can be put into the proofing or mass production process. After the real product comes out, various parameters are checked step by step through the instrument.

  • Factory engineer team looking for solutions to PCB design defects-Best FPC
  • Workshop On Design Errors

    A team of engineers efficiently proposes a solution:

    Once engineers find errors in design drawings or materials, they will immediately discuss solutions.


    The solution must meet two conditions: 1. Meet the needs of the customer's circuit board application, such as floor space, cost budget, performance standards, etc.; 2. Any modification must reach a consensus with the customer.

  • Quick Turnaround PCB And PCBA Prototyping Sample Manufacturer-Best FPC
  • Faster Turnaround Flex PCB Company


    Fast and efficient communication with customers:


    Efficiently discover design and material defects within 1-2 days, quickly provide the latest solutions, and sample and test actual products.

    Solving customers' difficulties is the best bridge to build trust!

  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    QA 1: Are you a design software company?

    No, we are a supplier in China who focus on Flexible PCB manufacturing for 16 years. Have own experienced engineering team.


    QA 2: Do you provide online circuit board design service?

    Yes, for mass production customers, we will decide whether to provide free design and proofing services according to the cost of design and proofing. Provide design guidance service at any time!


    QA 3: How long to finish OEM design whole service?

    The complexity of the circuit board will affect the length of the design service. For example, multi-layer circuit boards, high-density circuit boards, we usually complete the design service of double-layer circuit boards within 3-5 days.


    QA 4: What information can be provided to design a better circuit board?

    Please try to send more detailed information, such as design drawings, IC accessories data sheets, product applications and other information. Of course, in order to protect the privacy of customers, I will never leak any secrets or not cooperate in time.

    QA 5: What types of circuit boards can Best FPC design?

    Best FPC can provide various types of circuit boards such as flexible boards, rigid-flex boards, ceramic boards, and FR4 PCBs. This is one of our product section URLs.


    QA 6: Which countries are your customers located in?

    In the past 16 years, Best FPC has cooperated with 3067 customers, mainly in America, Europe, South Africa, Middle East and Asia.