2020-07-31 BEST

Attention Needed for Designing FPC

FPC stands for flexible printed circuit board which possesses the advantages of high density, light weight and thin thickness. In order to make better use of it, so what is the requirements that the designers should follow when design FPC? Hoping this article can help you to know more about it.


The design of the FPC thickness

In general, the number of the signal layer, the number and thickness of the power panel, the length of the component pins and so on will affect the thickness of boards.


The design of the FPC size

Regarding the size of boards is mainly optimized according to the application requirements, the limitations of the circuit board manufacturers and manufacturing capabilities.

In addition to the above two factors should be considered, in order to minimize the probability of distortion of FPC, thereby getting a flat board, the layering of the FPC substrate should be kept symmetrical. That is to say, it has an even number of copper layers, and ensures that the thickness of copper and the density of copper foil are symmetrical.

Attention Needed For Designing FPC-Best FPC