2019-08-17 BEST

Challenge Will Make You to Be a Better Man

When it comes to challenge, what will comes to your mind? Difficulty? Lowest moment? Maybe you will to be a better man if you transform the attitude towards to positive. Best Technology took part in the “Operation Red Sea” which is an activity that PK with other five companies from July, 2018 to September, 2018. Although we were not the champion, we still realized the goal that we set.

Took a family picture-Bestfpc

Picture: Took a family picture

During the competition, we were also confronted with various kinds of confusions and difficulties, but fortunately we came together hand in hand. At the beginning of the “Operation Red Sea”, everyone was enthusiastic and confident, but everyone’s passion began to cool down as for the front line stretched. At that moment, we were stuck. But can we just give up when we meet difficulties? NO, never say never is the spirit of Best Technology. One can see the hope when he persist, not waiting the hope to persist.

After continuous efforts, we finally achieved our goals. We did not regret even if we did not get the champion. But we overcome ourselves and arrive in a high level. At least in the PK process we are brave enough to challenge ourselves and make impossible to be possible. Challenge makes ourselves to be a better man and also make the Best Technology to be better.

Best, always be your best choice of Flex Circuit in China.