2021-02-25 BEST

6L Rigid & Flex PCB, Total Thickness 1.0mm

FPC stands for Flexible Printed Circuit which is made of polyimide or polyester film.

Everything in the world has its own shape, FPC also has a variety of shapes, such as square, rectangle, oblong and so on. In order to provide the most suitable products and the most satisfactory services for customers, Best Technology can make whatever type FPC to meet your needs. As the following picture shows, this 6L Rigid & Flex PCB looks like a billboard.


Picture: 6L Rigid & Flex PCB

For giving you more information about this product, we have summarized its features as following:

1.The thickness of copper is just 0.5OZ. Compared with other Rigid & Flex PCBs, its total thickness is thinner, only 1.0mm.

2. People who know the PCB well should know that the Tg of general boards is more than 130 degrees. Medium Tg is higher 150 degrees and the high-Tg generally over 170 degrees. If the Tg of the substrate is increased, the printed board will be more resistant to heat, moisture, chemical, and get more stable.

3.The solder mask on this 6L Rigid & Flex PCB is blue, not the usual color--green.

The specifications:


The surface finishing: ENIG

Solder mask: blue

The total thickness: 1.0mm

Tg: 170 degrees

The thickness of copper: 0.5OZ

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