2021-03-27 BEST

2L Flex Circuit,Coil Board—Only Two Traces

As we all know, most digital products need printed circuit board. With the development of electronic products, such as mobile phones, laptops and PDA, the market demands for FPC is increasing gradually. In order to provide the customers with the most suitable products and the most satisfactory services, Best Technology continues to improve and develops products with distinctive features.

From the picture as below, could you guess the use of this 2L Flex Circuit? It can be used in POS terminal. If do not in the PCB industry, maybe you will ask what the white stuff is. It is to avoid damaging the board that doesn’t need to be welded, so cover it with white solder mask. 


Picture1: 2L Flex Circuit 12Cu + 18um PI

But this is not the most distinctive feature of this product, its biggest feature is that there is only two traces of coil board. The board will be broken if a part of these two coils open and short circuit.

The specifications as below:

2L Flex Circuit 12Cu+18um PI

Adhesiveless ENIG

Coil Circuit, only two traces

White&black silkscreen, 3M 468

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