2022-06-23 BEST

Are FLex Circuit Boards As Reliable As Rigid Circuit Boards?

Flex circuit boards offer numerous advantages over rigid circuit boards. The ability to place circuits on a thin dielectric film means that flex circuit boards can fit in smaller spaces, allowing for electronics to be smaller and lighter and to contain more features. However, some product designers may wonder whether flex circuit boards are as reliable as rigid circuit boards. Does all that flexibility potentially lead to more issues or a shorter life down the road?

Flex Circuit Boards are Highly Durable

Flex Circuit Boards are Highly Durable

You aren’t sacrificing reliability when you choose flex circuit boards over rigid circuit boards. Flexible circuits are composed of materials that are meant to flex easily and often. In fact, top circuits can flex up to 500 million times without failure!

Flexible circuits may actually be more sturdy than rigid circuit boards. Flex circuits offer great thermal stability, meaning that they are designed for optimal airflow and heat dissipation. That means they can survive and thrive in extreme temperatures. Rigid circuit boards aren’t so accommodating.

There are so many reasons to choose flexible circuit boards. If you want to learn more, contact Best Flex PCB