2021-04-28 BEST

0.05mm Line Width/Space with 0.1mm Holes for Flexible circuits

Do you need special line width and space to control the impedance in your FPC design?

Do you need 0.1mm drill holes with a 0.3mm pad for Flex PCB?

Currently, we made a 2 layers FPC sample, it has required 0.05mm line width and space for all top layer lines, and all lines has required 50ohm single-ended impedance.

  2 layers FPC sample

Picture1:2 layers FPC sample 

You can see very clear lines and holes with 200 times magnifying glasses, the hole size is 0.1mm with a pad of 0.3mm, we drilled it with laser drilling machine.

Picture2:lines and holes by 200 times magnifying glass 

There are several factors that will affect the impedance. Material stack up (copper thickness and PI thickness), dielectric constant, line width and space. Normally customers only need to tell us which lines require 50/90/100 ohm impedance together with your Gerber files, then our engineer will calculate the impedance and adjust the line width and space to meet your impedance before production. If you need to meet the impedance and CAN NOT adjust the line width and space, then we will adjust the stack up to meet the impedance. If you want to know more details about impedance control, welcome to visit the Design Guide on our website 《Design Guidance

If you have similar line width and space requirements for your flex printed circuit board, or impedance control requirement, please feel free to send your new enquiry to