Design Guidance

2022-11-10 BEST

Ordering and Delivery

Welcome to place your order with BEST TECH

When you receive your BEST TECH quote you will possibly see an itemized list of comments regarding your circuit board, in quotation sheet or in email. Please thoroughly review quotation from BEST TECH. Placement of an order includes acceptance of all terms, conditions, exceptions and substitutions. Our sales professionals are happy to discuss any questions you have regarding your BEST TECH quote.

When placing your order, include final design data, drawings, and procurement documentation reflecting your expectations and BEST TECH’s DFM changes. Clarity is key to BEST TECH’s relationships with customers.

All quality clauses and expectations should be detailed during the RFQ/Quote stage.

Send your purchase order and all other required information to, or contact BEST TECH Sales and Support +86-755-29091601.

Estimated ship dates.

Lead times may vary depending on design and work flow requirements.

Production models will follow our best practices and applicable lead times. Delivery times and quality are predictable for all standard designs.

Prototype/quick-turn models are generally offered on a "best effort" basis with regard to meeting all print requirements. We can also provide many designs completely "per print". BEST TECH’s quick-turn group offers fast proof of concept constructions that may uncover improvements as well as road-blocks.


Normally we will delivery the flex circuit board via Express company such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc and we have good price with them, so BEST TECH recommend use our shipping fee pre-paid so that to save your cost as pre-paid cost is always lower than shipping fee collected.