2019-07-24 BEST

The Celebration of The 12th Anniversary of Best Technology

There are 12 Chinese zodiac signs in China, one zodiac represents one year, and 12 years is a reincarnation. Best Technology has developed into the leading export company in Shenzhen in manufacturing flexible circuits, rigid-flex circuits and PCBA,  after 12 years of development.

At the beginning of the company's establishment, we only have one person with an annual sales turnover $8,000. Now our company has over 100 employees, and our target performance for this year is $8 million. In the past 12 years, Best Technology has grown so fast, and the rate of rise was 1000 times in past 12 years.


As the president of our company, Peter made a brief speech. He reviewed the past and looking forward to the future, and he also summarized the development of FPC products over the years. Our FPC products include single sided flexible circuitsdual access flexible PCBdouble sided flexible circuitmulti-layer flexible circuits and rigid-flex circuits.

One of the successful secret of our company is always trying our best to provide suitable products to customers with best service, as our vision is to become the most reliable partner of our customers and the most satisfied enterprise of our employees, so we must work together to make our company grow better and better. 


Listening to peter's speech, everyone is full of confidence in the future, and at the same time, they are sure and gratified that their efforts have been affirmed; everyone hopes to play an important role in their respective jobs in the future!


Today,everyone started to relax the intense work, relieve the pressure of work, and enter into a happy dinner party!


Tomorrow, we will work more hard, we are restarting to make the next 12 years become much better, to save customers time and money on making flex circuits, rigid-flex and flex circuits assembly.

all-cheers for 12th anniversary of best technology