2018-08-10 BEST

HDI circuit manufacturing capabilities

In today's competitive global printed circuit board marketplace, our customers require us to continue to exceed the capabilities and technologies of other HDI PCB manufacturers. Flex PCB is an industry leader of providing High Density Interconnects (HDI PCBs) for a wide range of different types of industries. A few of those infdustries include: military, aerospace, supercomputing, medical devices, next-generation silicon testing, and chip packaging.


With Flex PCB's high density interconnection capabilities include state-of-the-art UV Yag and CO2 laser drilled 50 micron microvias, blind and buried vias, 19 micron line and space widths, solid copper via-in-pad technology metal core, plated edge holes, thin builed-up materials, fine pitches, and heavy copper.

When you utilize our HDI circuit manufacturing services over traditional PCB fabrication, you can significantly increase your ROI by saving space and weight.

HDI circuit manufacturing capabilities.

Here are a few highlighted HDI manufacturing capabilities. See our full capabilities here.

  • Microvia size down to 25 microns

  • Line and width spacing down to 19 microns

  • Copper thickness down to 5 micron

  • Microvias pad size to a via diameter of +150 microns

  • Blind microvia plating aspect ratio (depth to diameter): 1.2:1

  • Core dielectric thickness down to 12 microns

  • Blind and buried via construction with sequential build technology

  • Copper via fill available