2023-02-23 BEST

Factors Affecting the FPC Connector

Flexible printed circuit connector is used to the connect LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) to drive circuit. It is mainly applied to various digital communication devices, portable electronics, cartronics and so on, which has become an indispensable component in digital domain. However, it is undeniable that the performance of flexible printed circuit connector is often affected by various factors. And the main points are as follows:


FPC with Connectors-Bestfpc

FPC with Connectors

Quantity of Solder When Welding

In the welding of FPC connectors, it is necessary to pay attention not to adding too much solder in reflow soldering when welding the connector on the FPC, otherwise, the connector terminal cannot be welded stably and insufficient soldering phenomenon may also occur.

Number of Usage Times

When the FPC connector has been used for a long time, its lifetime will absolutely be shortened due to the wear of the needle core. So, do not insert the FPC connector when it is not needed, which helps to extend the service life of the connector.

To sum up, there are two major points that will affect the FPC connector, including the quantity of solder when welding and the number of usages times, which are necessary to be paid attention to in order to have a better performance of the FPC connector.

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