Design Guidance

2022-11-08 BEST

Designing Bend Areas

• When possible, try to avoid 90 degree bends. Tighter bends increase the risk of circuit damaging. Gradual bends are more safe for the circuit.

• Bend radius is measured from the inside surface of the bend area.

• Place conductors smaller than 10 mils inside the neutral bend axis, as they tolerate compression better than stretching.

• Avoid Plated Through Holes (PTH) within the bend area.

• Conductors running through a bend need to be perpendicular to the bend.

• Stagger conductors in muti-layer circuits to increase the effectiveness of the circuit.

• FPC design: Three designs in flexible should be avoided: the coverlay is interrupted; the electroplating or package terminates; in the area with stress concentration point

• The trace is evenly distributed in the bending area.

• The trace should be design as wide as possible.

• The trace width should be uniform.

• The layers in the bending area should be kept in minimum.

• If possible, the axis of center trace should be located in the center of the conductor.

• Without additional copper plating