2022-11-18 BEST

Who Should I Contact for Flex Circuit Expertise?

Right now, we don’t have sales reps. out of China, except in New York, as flex circuit or rigid-flex is so complicated board and all of our customer want to speak directly to our experienced sales engineer or electronic engineer, so we’d like to communicate with our customer directly, to save time, to avoid potential mistake during third-party communication.

Our team of flexible circuit specialists can provide you the design and production assistance described in the preceding pages, before or after-sales service/consulting will be provided to our customers directly from team member in Best Technology in China.

Whether you require a single-sided flex circuit, 2 layer flex circuit, dual access flex circuit, multi-layer flex circuit, or rigid-flex circuit board, whether it’s simple, or high-density, complex design, we can solve your design problems with high-quality products made just for you.

If you want to learn even more about flexible circuits and what they can do for your product designs, call us +86-755-29091601/1602/1603, or send us email now.