2022-11-18 BEST

Where Did Flex Circuits Originate?

The flexible circuit(Flexible PCB) has just recently come of age as an interconnection device, although it was originally developed over twenty years ago. 

Designers of applications from car stereos and cameras, to heart pacemakers and disk drives, have all reaped the benefits of flex circuits. More applications are being discovered every day. 

The flexible circuit was originally designed as a replacement for bulky wire harnesses. Simple circuit designs helped to solve space and weight problems that could not be resolved using traditional wiring methods. 

As technology advanced in leaps and bounds, new products required more compact packaging, minutely defined electrical impedances, and error-free product performance. Flexible circuitry gave the package engineer ways to miniaturize circuits, increase functional capacity, and improve reliability. 

In addition to being flexible, flex circuits(Flex PCB) can be designed to meet highly complex special con figurations, and hostile operating environments are easily withstood by flex. 

New products demand savings in space and weight with greater reliability. Because of these demands, the twenty-year-old technology of flexible circuits has come of age.