2022-11-18 BEST

What Makes Up A Flexible Circuit Board?

Flexible circuit boards, or flex PCBs, consist of several key components:

  1. Substrate Material: Typically made of polyimide (PI) or polyester (PET), providing flexibility and durability.

  2. Conductive Traces: Thin copper or other conductive material patterns for electrical connections.

  3. Coverlay: A protective insulating layer applied over the conductive traces, often made of adhesive-backed polyimide or similar materials.

  4. Solder Mask: Applied over the conductive traces to prevent unintended electrical connections and protect the circuit.

  5. Connector Pads: Areas where components are attached or soldered to the flex PCB.

  6. Stiffeners: Optional rigid sections added to provide support for connectors or components.

  7. Surface Finish: A coating on exposed copper to prevent oxidation and enhance solderability.

  8. Adhesive: Used to attach the flex PCB to other substrates or components in an assembly.