About Best FPC

Since the Flexible PCB (Flexible Printed Circuit Boards) become more and more important in precision equipments as well as in our daily products, so Best FPC dedicated to become a leading manufacturer of flexible circuits and flex printed circuit boards in Asia, to serve wordwide customers.

Rapid quotation response is what we focus on

We will reply to you immediately once getting your RFQ of Flexible Circuits and quote to you within 12 hours. Meanwhile, our engineers will provide the design support and technical service specialized for your Flexible PCB (FPCB). When you ask for the flex circuit (FPC) samples, our “Quick Turn” prototype service will get the flexible circuits in your hands sooner than you might expect: in a week or less. (We also have 72 hours quick delivery service)

Once you get approval of our Flexible PCB (FPCB) samples and decide the mass production, the delivery will be: for single and double sided: 6-9 days; for multilayer: 12- 15 days; for rigid flex: 15-20 days. Each step we take is geared to providing customer-oriented services that satisfy your needs.

We have three basic principles to guanratee the win-win

    1. For Customers

Meet our customers needs and requirements by delivering products and services as scheduled, in compliance to specification of Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC), in the correct quantities, shipped and billed as agreed. Help our customers respond to shifts in market demand through mutual planning of production capacity, reduction of cycle time, aggressive researching innovations and investing in technological advance.

    2. For our Suppliers

Develop strong supplier relationships by clearly communicating our needs and expectations. Involve the supplier in our quality philosophy and jointly participate in new Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) and process evaluation.

    3. For our Community

Be an asset to the community through unwavering adherence to a social and environmental consciousness.

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