Flexible PCB Materials

Flexible Circuit Materials

Flexible circuits have an advantage over Rigid FR4 PCB in that they can bend, fold, twist and wrap in extremely tight areas, multiple times. This provides designers freedom to locate parts together, that would otherwise not fit, and thereby reduce the packaging size of their products.

Flexible Circuit (FPC) Materials

Flexible Circuit (FPC) Materials

The most widely used Flexible Circuits & flex printed circuits (FPC) material today is manufactured by Dupont Corporation and is called "Kapton". This polyimide film-based material is resistant to heat, has dimensional stability and has a low dielectric constant of 3.6. The following are basic Kapton materials:

Kapton FPC Materials:

 Dupont Coverlay
 Dupont Copper Clad
 Dupont Sheet Adhensive

There're also other companies that make good Flexible Circuits & flex printed circuits board (FPCB) material, such as Rogers Corporation and is called "Rogers"

Roger FPC Materials


EMC Shield Material

EMC Shielding Characteristics




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