Procurement Material

We list our usual material and technical specification of Flexible Circuits & flex printed circuits (FPC) in the below table. Also, you can view the facility tolerance of circuits.

If you would like some special material, tighter tolerance, or other requirements of flexible PCB (flex circuit board), you can Contact our staff directly, we are at your service at any time.


List of Flexible Circuit Manufacturing Capacity


Parameter (mm) Polyimide (PI) PET
Laminate Thickness 0.025 / 0.050/ 0.125/ 0.175 0.025 / 0.050/ 0.075
Copper Foil 0.012,0.018,0.035,0.070 0.035,0.070
Min Pattern width/Space 0.075(3 mil) 0.075(3 mil)
Min. Drilled Hole Size Non-Plated Thru 0.25mm ( .010" ); Tolerance +/-.0386mm( .0015")
Plated Thru 0.1mm ( .010" ); Tolerance +/-.076mm( .0030")
Outlines Dimension +/- 0.05mm +/- 0.05mm
Peeling Strength(180°Direction) >1.2kgf / cm >1.2kgf / cm
Solder Hent Resistance 280℃ / 10secs 280℃ / 10secs
Surface Treatment Ni/Au 2~5μm 2~5μm
Au(Electro/Immersion) 0.03 ~0.1μm 0.03 ~0.1μm
Sn/Pb (Lead Free) 3~ 20μm 3~ 20μm
Sn-Cu Plating (Lead Free) 3~ 5μm 3~ 5μm
Tin Plating (Pure Sn) 5 ~ 8μm 5 ~ 8μm
Bending flexibility Meet to IPC Criterion
Chemical Resistance

Meet to IPC Criterion

The most widely used Flexible Circuits & flex printed circuits (FPC) material today is manufactured by Dupont Corporation and is called "Kapton". This polyimide film based material is resistant to heat, has dimensional stability and a low dielectric constant of 3.6. The follows are basic Kapton materials:

Kapton FPC Materials

 Dupont Coverlay
 Dupont Copper Clad
 Dupont Sheet Adhensive

There're also other companies whom make good Flexible Circuits & flex printed circuits board (FPCB) material, such as Rogers Corporation and is called "Rogers"

Roger FPC Materials


EMC Shield Material

EMC Shielding Characteristics