2020-06-19 BEST

6-layer Flexible PCB-with Blind Holes and Loose Leafs

Since flexible PCB can reduce weight and space and have good flexibility, it is widely used in many applications. And the market for flexible circuits is also expanding. Today we will introduce one of our distinctive flexible PCB used in mobile phones as shown in the picture.

6-layer Flexible PCB-with Blind Holes and Loose Leafs | Bestfpc

It is a 6-layer flexible circuit and the FPC is laminated by 3 double-layer boards. What makes the FPC special is that it has blind holes and loose leafs between the 2nd layer and the 3rd layer and between the 4th layer and the 5th layer.

At the point, you maybe wonder if the 6-layer FPC has stiffener? Yes, this is a step that can not be ignored. We also applied 0.48mm FR4 stiffener to this flexible circuits, if you would like to know more, you can also refer to the following parameters:

Total board thickness: 0.4 mm+/-0.05 mm(without stiffener)

Conductor: 1/2 OZ copper

Impedance:50 ohm

Surface treatment: ENIG

Silkscreen: White

Coverlay: 1/2 mil

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