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Adhesive on Flexible PCB

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Adhesive on Flexible PCB

Flexible Adhesives are used to laminate flexible materials together, such as multiple flexible layers, attachment of stiffeners, heat-sinks, etc.

We can sort all the adhesives into two types: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PAS) and Temperature Sensitive Adhesive.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PAS) can be added by hand and no special lamination process. It is used to be attachment of stiffener, or add rigid PCB on Flex PCB. PAS is sensitive to temperature and many Chemical materials. So it normally won’t be used between copper and medium.

Temperature Sensitive Adhesive needs 180 degree lamination and baking during production. It has excellent Chemical resistance and can stand high temperature.

Item Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Temperature Sensitive Adhesive
Thickness 25~100 um 25~50 um
Peeling Resistance Good Better
Solvent resistance Low High
Temperature Resistance Common Good
Productions By hand 180℃ Lamination andbaking
Examples 3M/Tesa KA,Dupont FR0100,Sony D3410

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