NB board and FPC: the only hope in 2009 PCB industry

Look into the prospect of 2009 PCB industry, due to the fact that the Notebook (NB) and intelligent mobile phone still have the potentiality to grow, therefore, people in the industry generally believe that there are still hope for the growth of NB board and FPC.

Because the prices of NB fall year after year, and people’s demand for PC mobility increases constantly, the tendency that NB will replace the desktop computer becomes more and more obvious. Some brokers in Taiwan expect that the worldwide turnout of NB in 2009 will be 131 million sets, increasing by 3.7% than that in 2008. Considering the additional demand for low cost NB, they estimate that the turnout of whole NB will reach 155 million sets. Annual growth rate will reach 12.58%. This growth prediction is rarely seen recently. Therefore it’s unnecessary for the NB board manufacturers to worry about. The NB turnout of Hann Star board and Gold Circuit Electronics in 2008 will increase 7% and word wide market share will rise from 63% (in 2007) to 70% which will make NB market a duopoly and there is nearly impossible for a new company entering into.

Besides, the market generally believes that the overall mobile phone demand in 2009 will decline. For intelligent mobile phones which use lot of FPC, however, the turnout in 2009 is estimated to be 186 million sets. The annual growth rate is still as high as 18.1%, which becomes the largest growth power for Taiwan FPC industry. As for the aspect of supply, because of the fierce competition, many second-tier FPC factories became bankrupt, which will be helpful to keep the  stability of FPC industry.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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FPC for LCD Module

FPC for LCD module also named  LCD Module FPC. This kind of FPC is flex printed circuit used in connected with LCD, in most case. So its someone named it as “LCD module FPC” or “FPC for LCD Module”.

LCD Mould FPC top view

LCD Mould FPC top view

One end of FPC will be inserted into the connection area of LCD and the others will be connected with other input or output machines. The major function is to transfer data smoothly and safetly.

LCD Mould FPC bottom view

LCD Mould FPC bottom view

As quantiyt of LCD is related big, so the quantyt for this kind of FPC will also have a certain quantity. So people should be very careful in designing and manufacturing, because normally the L/S and L/W is small, about 3~4 mil. Without suitable manufacturing artwork and technology, the yield will be very low.

We have much experience on making LCD flex circuits, knowing what’s the keystone, what kind of problems maybe happened owing to its own charactericstic, how to avoid it and how to make FPC in great condition.

Please contact Best Technology now for more informaiton about  FPC for LCD moduleLCD Module FPC.

LED Flexible Circuits (Article2)

Last time, we have dicussed the feature of LED flex circuit, and this time, we will mention the way to make that Flexible circuit

1) The whole Flex circuit is the repeated of several section of FPC.

led flex circuit solder togetherSo we can populate LEDs, as well as ICs, etc, on FPC. And then solder each sections together, strip-by-strip, to make a long flex circuit boards. 


led-flex-circuit-solder-together on a roll

After several strip of FPC is connected by soldering, or using connector, we will do testing and then packing them in a roll, normally 3 meter, or 5 meter. It should be packing in vacuum packing. 

  2) Just make the enough length single FPC one time, without the soldering connecting.

 This is used in some special end-products which obvious soldering is prohibitted and more strength is needed. Of course, this kind of FPC is more difficult to make, becuase of manufacuturing artwork & equipment limited.  

Long Led Flex Circuits

Long Led Flex Circuits

Right now, we can make, maximum 3 meter (118 inch) one. Of course, the cost is more expensive than method 1. Popular length is 0.8meter(31.5inch), 1.0 meter (39.37inch), 1.2 meter (47.25 inch), or 1.8 meter (70.87 inch).
More long, more expensive, as the manufacturing will become more and more complex, and need high technology to control whole process, from developing, etching, coverlay lamination, outling punching.


Cuttable flex circuit

Cuttable flex circuit

Sometimes, poeple like to cut the customized lenght at his side according to different requirement. 


 so during design process, engineer will consider cuttable length such as 30mm, 50mm. This will give customer great convenience. 

 How’s your opinion about them? Do you have any questions or problem when used this kind of FPC? Or want to try ours?

Please don’t hesitate to contact BEST FPC CO., LTD. for more information about Flexible Circuits with LED (LED Flexible circuit boards). We are always to be your best parter of FPC in Asia.

LED Flexible Circuits

Recently, more and more people pay attention on the Flexible circuit with LED (or said LED Flexible circuit). Along with the FPC industry growing, as well as the LED application spread out, there’s continue request of precision lighting & luminescnce in some special circumstance.



In fact, this Flexible circuit with LED is a special single sided fpc or two layers FPC, with adhesive tape at the bottom side, easy peel off and installation. The outstanding characteristic is its length. Theoretically, the length of this Flexible circuit can be made according to clients’ request.

The popular maximum length currently used, however, is about 8-10 meter (2.5-3.0 ft), because of power and thermolysis limited.  (Please browse our site for more: http://www.bestfpc.com/products/single-sided-fpc.htm, http://www.bestfpc.com/products/double-sided-fpc.htm).

Here we’d like to talk about some features of Flexible Circuits with LED & LED Flexible Circuits

1) Separable SMD/SMT LED strip on Flexible circuit boards can be bended to the tour of any products with self adhesive tape back, easy installation! They are mounted on self-adhesive tape and can be conveniently field-cut. For adhesive tape, normally we use 3M 467/946/966, or as per request.

2) As long as the clients request (strip-to-strip soldered connecting). You can also choose our extreme long FPC which is 9.8 feet (3m) without soldering.

3) This flex circuit modules, after LED SMT/SMD were done, are ideal for edge lighting transparent and diffuse material. They provide an optimal solution for precise backlighting of complex contours. They can also be used of lifesaving/rescue sign lights and commercial signs and for making contours like escape routes, borders and stairs.

4) Customer design LED location, quantity, color (red, green, blue, true green, white (phosphor on blue), yellow, etc), according to the request of luminous intensity & color.

5) Flexible circuit boards (FPC) surface in white finish, with classic looking, or as per request

6). With IC constant current circuits, guarantee stable working current and even light output for the whole reel of lights.

In next article, we will discuss the way/method to make this type of LED Flexible circuit)

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China to Adjust Export Rebate Policy on 2,831 Commodities


Wednesday,June 20,2007 Posted: 10:16 BJT(0216 GMT) People’s Daily

China Ministry of Finance said Tuesday that, starting July 1, the country would cut or eliminate export tax rebates for 2,831 commodities representing 37 percent of the total number of items listed on customs tax regulations.

A ministry spokesman said the move was one of a basket of measures to suppress overheated export growth and ease frictions between China and its trade partners.

The country will abolish export tax rebates on 553 highly polluting products that consume heavy amounts of energy and resources such as salt, cement, and liquefied petroleum gas, said the spokesman.

Tax rebate on exports of 2,268 commodities which “tend to cause trade frictions” will be reduced, he said.

The country will scrap the export tax for ten commodities including shelled peanuts, canvas, wood for carving and stamps, according to the spokesman.

The new tax rebate system will have five levels, namely 17 percent, 13 percent, 11 percent, 9 percent and 5 percent.

The spokesman said the cost of producing the 2,831 commodities would increase as a result of the changes to the export tax rebate regime. This would incite capital investment to move to other “high value-added and high tech” industries.

In the long run, this would help the country develop in an economic and sustainable way, he said.

Customs statistics show that from January to May, the country reported a trade surplus of 86 billion U.S. dollars, up 83 percent on the corresponding period of last year.

Soaring exports have increased liquidity in the domestic market and added to pressures on the RMB, said experts.

To view the original news, please browse: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2007-06/19/content_6263545.htm

Celebrate Thanks Giving Day

Thanksgiving Day is coming now,

thanks giving dayaccording to United States, this days is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of Nov each year. That means tomorrow is Thanks Giving Day. Although it is a holiday originated from America, but right now, more and more countries celebrate that day, maybe that is so called International Pop-Pup.

thanks giving day

On that special day, we thanks to God for blessings received during the year, thanks all of our customers cooperation in the past months, and best wish all of you have a wonderful Thanks Giving Day Holiday.

Enjoy the turkey, corn, cranberries, and pumpkin pie. Enjoy the reunion with your families.

Definition of FPC

When we talk about the FPC in our industry, most of us know it stands for Flexible Printed Circuit, the update products of PCB. Also for the Flexible Circuits, the most broadly accepted defi nition is the one that is found in the industry standard IPC-T-50 Terms and Defi nitions for Printed Boards. In that document, flexible circuits are defi ned as “A patterned arrangement of printed wiring utilizing fl exible base material with or without fl exible coverlayers.” 

Each person in circuit industry will know its definition (meaning), but do you FPC also stands for other meanings?

 You can search FPC via Google, when you will find the top sites whom appear in the first page of searching results have little relation to Flexible Printed Circuit. For more, click here for FPC searching result.

Is it funny? In fact, it’s a popular phenomenon in our daily life. Things maybeÂare different from what we thought. We have to dig it. The follows are some definition of so called ‘FPC’ in different language(from wiki):


  • Free Pascal ist ein Open Source-Projekt, das sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, einen freien, 100%ig kompatiblen Turbo Pascal-Klon zu programmieren. Das Projekt ist weit fortgeschritten.Es steht auch die Option der Nutzung unter der LGPL zur Verfügung, so dass auch ein kommerziellerEinsatz möglich ist, siehe hierzu die Lizenzbedingungen.


Formation Professionnelle Continue www.knowup.com/pages/ressources/lexique.cfm/ 


Florida Parole Commission is responsible for making decisions on the granting and revoking of parole. FPC also reports to the Board of Executive Clemency the circumstances, the criminal records, and the social, physical, mental, and psychiatric conditions and histories of persons under consideration by the board for pardon, commutation of sentence, or remission of fine, penalty, or forfeiture. … www.fcc.state.fl.us/fcc/reports/final98/98gloss.html

  • Predecessor of FERC
  • Front Page Challenge (aired 1957 – 1995) was a Canadian current events-cum-history program disguised as a game show, in which notable journalists attempted to guess what past news story the hidden guest was linked with. Upon conclusion of he challenge, the journalists served as a panel of interviewers as they conversed with the guest about the story in question.



Federa o Portuguesa de Campismo. Organismo reconhecido pelo estado Portugus, com a tutela, atravs da sua actual Escola Nacional de Montanhismo, de coordenar a pr¡tica montanhismo e escalada em Portugal.

At the end of this artile, remind the reader again, if you want know the real meaning of FPC in the circuit industry, please visit our homepage where you will find out what a real Flexible Printed Circuit is!

The First Visiter of New FPC Site

When I come back from the China National Day today, I am curious to check the visiter Stat. of new Flexible Circuits to know whether there’s  anyone visit this new site. Haha, I am so happy to find that there’re a visiter from Austria whom browse our site Oct 5th including several pages regarding of Flexible Circuits. We didn’t do any propaganda  yet, and he get  our site!

Oh, yeah! Our first visiter outside of China. A good sign of future of business. I think they’ll be more and more visiter abroad know our site.