The Keys in the Mobile Phone

With the development of smart phone, the mechanical key has been already eliminated from the stage. There is only the HOME key left on the front side of the phone. Even sometimes the HOME key is also out and there are only two keys left–volume key and power key. These two are usually used a FPC¬†to save cost as well as space. The structure showing as below:

volume key & FPC

volume key & FPC

power key & FPC

power key & FPC

For the design of volume key and power key, there are two things required to considerate. On one hand, the position of the flex circuit. Since the flexible circuit is glued on the supported wall, three directions need to be limited if you would like to fix the FPC. As well, the designers still need to consider the installation position of the keys itself, which determines the basic structure of the keys.

On the other hand, the volume key and power key are moving parts. Therefore, taking the stroke of metal domes into account is necessary and as general rule the stroke is 0.3. In addition to hard contact mode, there is also a soft contact mode (P+R), which is to use rubber or TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes) for the part where the key is contact with the dome, so that the sound is softer.

key structure

key structure

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Meeting Customer from UK

On November 29, 2018, we are pleased to host Caroline O’Brien from UK during her trip in China. Both of us have a really friendly and nice talk in the meeting room of Best Technology.

During the meeting, we introduced something information of our company firstly. Then the detail information of flex circuits in the sample album also explained in details by our account manager Celine. After that, the customer recognized the comprehensive strength of our company.

Celine introduced FPC

Celine introduced FPC

After the short meeting, Caroline went to visit our FPC factory in the company of our general manager Peter. The manufacturing process of flexible circuits that customer  interested in are explained clearly by Celine. Caroline was satisfied with our equipments of production line with high performance and high quality.

Visited FPC factory

Visited FPC factory

After the visit, Caroline knew Best Technology in further. In the future, we hope we can make it better and provide the most suitable and the most satisfying service for our clients, too.

Took a photo at Best

Took a photo at Best

Since throwing its hat into flex circuits manufacturing industry, Best Technology is always dedicated to be customers’ best partner of flex circuits and rigid-flex circuits in China, to serve worldwide customers.

Flex Circuits will Make Your Home Smarter

We can see this scene a lot in the science fiction movie. Although you are still on the way to home, but the water heater has already heated the bath water according to your off-hours. Even if you are stuck in the traffic jam, there is no need to worry about the water getting cold. Because there is a setting in your car and you are able to set another time to heat the bath water. We will live in interesting times in the near future as soon as this comes true.

2L flex circuit
                                      2L flex circuit


6L rigid-flex circuit
                              6L rigid-flex circuit

The connected home, with the ever-increasing devices and functionalities produced for it, has the potential to transform how we experience residential living ‚Äď both in terms of how we interact with our residence as well as how this interaction positively influences our everyday lives.

The development of connected home expands the market of flex circuits. The reason why flexible circuits so popular is that it possesses the benefits of high layout density, reducing weight, eliminating connectors etc., so it becomes the first choice for connected home products.

Best Technology as a professional flex circuits manufacturer for many years, we fabricate various type of flexible circuits, including single side flexible circuits, double side flexible circuits, muti-layer flexible circuits, rigid-flex circuits an so on. Since established in 2006, Best Technology always tries its best to catch up with the steps of the times and spares no efforts to make flex circuits those can meet the requirements of the market.

Flexible Screen-Another breakthrough for FPC

Royole Corporation released the first foldable flexible screen mobile phone (FlexPai) last month in the world. Its release perfectly figures out the long-term contradiction between HD large screen and portability. Meanwhile, it created a new way of human-computer interaction.

Actually, in addition to mobile phones, flexible screens are widely applied in smart home. The televisions with curved surface screen are no wonder to everyone, but most of people will keep an eye on flexible screens. If the flexible screen can be used in display devices of smart home, the display devices will have more affinity in human-computer interaction.

Think about it, there are many interactive displays that can be turned on and off at any time, everywhere. Then your home will seems like the scene in science fiction movies. But if we would like to realize the flexibility of the screens, flex circuits must be used in the designing. Because as the name implied, the flexible circuits possess the benefit of high flexibility which make them can be folded at your will.

As a professional vendor of flexible circuits, from 1 layer to 10 layers, 2 layers rigid-flex to 16 layers rigid-flex circuits, Best Technology is always be your best partner of flex circuits in China.

Meeting South Africa Customers

With the fast development of Best Technology and the improvement of our equipment, we keep expanding the international market, too. More and more foreign customers are attracted by our high quality products and advance technology. 0n October 25, 2018, another foreign customer who is from South Africa came to visit us. Meanwhile, they do a lot of field work to find more suitable products and more satisfying service.

In the meeting room

Picture1: In the meeting room

During this visit, the customers had a better understanding of our strength. Our general manager Peter warmly welcomed them and talked about the information of flexible circuits in details. After the short meeting, the customers went to visit our FPC (flexible printed circuit) factory. In this way, they knew more details of manufacturing process about flexible circuits. We were complimented in many aspects by the customers, including the quality of products, capability of manufacturing and advanced technical equipment.

Took a photo

Picture2: Took a photo

After this meeting, we knew each other in further. They were also very satisfied with this visit and both of us look forward to seeing each other again.

American Customer Grayhill Visited Best Technology Again

Best Technology is always dedicated to provide the most suitable and the most satisfying service for customers. As a professional FPC vendor in China, we sell our products to worldwide. In October, 2018, since American customer Grayhill is attracted by our company culture and service, he came to visit our flexible printed circuit factory again.

At first, our general manager peter had a short meeting with them. They talked about the requirement of product design and the demand in the product.

In the meeting room

Picture1: In the meeting room

After the conversation, we showed customer the production equipment and explained the operation methods to them.

Peter explained operation methods

Picture2: Peter explained operation methods

Next we went to see how to operate the equipment and learned more details about the manufacturing process.

The technician operated the equipment

Picture3: The technician operated the equipment

The more the customer know about us, the stronger sense of trust is. The customer and our company both got a lot from this visiting. Hoping we can do better and make customers satisfy with our service and products and to be customer’s best partner of Flexible Circuits in China.

Meeting Customers from Vietnam–Second Stop at the Flex PCB Factory

On October 18, 2018, Customers Son and Nguyen from Vietnam visited Best Technology. At first, they visited our office and would like to know more about the Flex PCB design. So they came to our Flex PCB factory for visiting.

Picture1: Watching the sample album of FPC

Picture1: Watching the sample album of FPC

During visiting the FPC factory, they learned more details about our workshop and the FPC manufacturing process.

Visiting the workshop of the factory

Picture2: Visiting the workshop of the factory

Visiting Flex PCB equipment

Picture3: Visiting Flex PCB equipment

After they knew the product and the manufacturing process in further, customers and we both believe that Best Technology is able to provide the most suitable products and the most satisfying service for our clients, to be customers’ best partner of Flexible Circuits in China!

Taking a photo

Picture4: Taking a photo

BEST always be your best choice of Flex PCB. And we hope the partnership can enhance our capability to supply our customers with good quality Flex PCBs.

National Day Holiday Notice

In this golden fall, one of the Chinese important holidays‚ÄĒNational Day is upcoming. First of all, Best Technology would like to thank you for your continued concern and supporting. According to the national regulation, we will have a holiday from October 1st, 2018 to October 3rd, 2018. And the factory will reopen on October 4th, 2018.
In order not to delay your business, we recommend our clients go ahead or postpone your orders. If you have any questions during the holidays, please feel free to contact us at +86-755-2909-1601, or
We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and we thank you for your continued supporting.

Respectfully Yours,

All the members of Best

Best, always be your best choice of Flex Circuit in China.

New Product–2L FPC Coil Board with Bumped Point

¬† In September, 2018, in order to provide customers with the most suitable products and the most satisfactory services, Best Technology released a new product—-2L FPC Coil Board with Bumped Point. This product was developed on the basis of the old version. The surface of the old one is flat. For this reason, it will cause poor contact when assemble with a conductive film. ¬†

  Could you tell the difference between the old one and the new one? If not, hoping this article can solve your puzzle.

New Version VS Old Version

Picture1: New Version VS Old Version

¬† There is an obvious difference—-the new version has bumped point, but the old one is opposite. So what is the advantage of 2L FPC Coil Board with Bumped Point? The new one with bumped point, it will get easier to connect when assemble with a conductive film. Because the shortcoming of the old one, we have improved with advanced technology, adding bumped points in the flex printed board. And it is easier to connect when the pad is attached with the conductive film.

  From the following picture, we can see that the new version is single-sided flexible circuit board with bumped point.

Front and back of the new version

Picture2: Front and back of the new version

If any interest in¬†flexible PCB, please don‚Äôt hesitated to¬†contact us. We can provide single layer,¬†double layer,‚ÄāMuti-layer flexible PCB¬†and¬†rigid-flex¬†to you.

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2018 Chinese New Year holiday Arrangement

As the Chinese Lunar New Year will come soon, everyone will back home and enjoy the happy time with family and friends. As usual, Best Technology will close our facilities(including manufacturing) over the upcoming holidays. We will closed from February 10, 2018 to February 24, 2018 and re-open on Monday, February 25, 2018

So we recommend our customers to plan orders with this in mind to ensure timely delivery and make sure has enough stock at your side. You can go ahead, or postpone your order. Please feel free to contact us at +86-755-2909-1601, or with any questions.

We wish you and your family a wonderfuly holiday season and we thank you for your continued supporting, and hope your business will become better and better in new year 2018.

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If any interested in flexible PCB, please don’t hesitated to contact us. We can providesingle layer, double layer, Muti-layer flexible PCB and rigid-flex to you.

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