Meeting South Africa Customers

With the fast development of Best Technology and the improvement of our equipment, we keep expanding the international market, too. More and more foreign customers are attracted by our high quality products and advance technology. 0n October 25, 2018, another foreign customer who is from South Africa came to visit us. Meanwhile, they do a lot of field work to find more suitable products and more satisfying service.

In the meeting room

Picture1: In the meeting room

During this visit, the customers had a better understanding of our strength. Our general manager Peter warmly welcomed them and talked about the information of flexible circuits in details. After the short meeting, the customers went to visit our FPC (flexible printed circuit) factory. In this way, they knew more details of manufacturing process about flexible circuits. We were complimented in many aspects by the customers, including the quality of products, capability of manufacturing and advanced technical equipment.

Took a photo

Picture2: Took a photo

After this meeting, we knew each other in further. They were also very satisfied with this visit and both of us look forward to seeing each other again.

American Customer Grayhill Visited Best Technology Again

Best Technology is always dedicated to provide the most suitable and the most satisfying service for customers. As a professional FPC vendor in China, we sell our products to worldwide. In October, 2018, since American customer Grayhill is attracted by our company culture and service, he came to visit our flexible printed circuit factory again.

At first, our general manager peter had a short meeting with them. They talked about the requirement of product design and the demand in the product.

In the meeting room

Picture1: In the meeting room

After the conversation, we showed customer the production equipment and explained the operation methods to them.

Peter explained operation methods

Picture2: Peter explained operation methods

Next we went to see how to operate the equipment and learned more details about the manufacturing process.

The technician operated the equipment

Picture3: The technician operated the equipment

The more the customer know about us, the stronger sense of trust is. The customer and our company both got a lot from this visiting. Hoping we can do better and make customers satisfy with our service and products and to be customer’s best partner of Flexible Circuits in China.

New Product–2L FPC Coil Board with Bumped Point

  In September, 2018, in order to provide customers with the most suitable products and the most satisfactory services, Best Technology released a new product—-2L FPC Coil Board with Bumped Point. This product was developed on the basis of the old version. The surface of the old one is flat. For this reason, it will cause poor contact when assemble with a conductive film.  

  Could you tell the difference between the old one and the new one? If not, hoping this article can solve your puzzle.

New Version VS Old Version

Picture1: New Version VS Old Version

  There is an obvious difference—-the new version has bumped point, but the old one is opposite. So what is the advantage of 2L FPC Coil Board with Bumped Point? The new one with bumped point, it will get easier to connect when assemble with a conductive film. Because the shortcoming of the old one, we have improved with advanced technology, adding bumped points in the flex printed board. And it is easier to connect when the pad is attached with the conductive film.

  From the following picture, we can see that the new version is single-sided flexible circuit board with bumped point.

Front and back of the new version

Picture2: Front and back of the new version

If any interest in flexible PCB, please don’t hesitated to contact us. We can provide single layerdouble layer, Muti-layer flexible PCB and rigid-flex to you.

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New Technology for Flex Printed Circuit – Components under Coverlay

With the development of modern industry, there are more and more projects need to use flexible circuit, and the requirements of assembly are getting higher and higher.

In the Flex Printed Circuit (FPC) typical production process, normally we will finish the entire flexible PCB production process, and then arrange to solder components. But such a finished product, components exposed, it can not pass the waterproof test. Our traditional waterproof process is to cover Silicon or conformal coating.

But how can you make the components waterproof more fastness after flex circuit assembly?

Our engineers decided to change the production process after discussion. For new technology,

  • The first step is trace Etching;
  • Second step is surface treatment (normally is ENIG (Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold);
  • Third step is component assembling;
flex circuit with component stackup

flex circuit with component stackup





  • The Forth step and the most important step is making the pure adhesive between base material and coverlay, we need to laser cutting or punching the cutout above the area of component, so that there’s no extra adhesive in that area and then the total thickness of that area will no be too high.
flex circuit with component stackup2

flex circuit with component stackup2






And you can see the full picture showing step 3 to step 4 of flex circuit components making.

flex circuit with component stackup

flex circuit with component stackup








After that, we put the Polyimide on pure adhesive and then go the next step of lamination process. (To laminate the coverlay on the surface of component.).

You can see below pictures.

flex circuit with components

flex circuit with components







flex circuit with components details

flex circuit with components details









You can visit our website or send us your email if you would like to know more about flex printed circuit.

Best Technology Team Back to Office on Feb 5th

Hello Everybody! We had backed to office on Feb 5! (The ninth day of first month of Chinese Lunar Calendar)

It’s a lucky and sunny day! We had 12 people backed to office (excludes people in factory) and according to Chinese culture, number 12 means every month will be lucky and full of successful!

Today one more girl back, tomorrow another guy will back. It’s a normal thing people didn’t back to office on the first day because there’re always something unexpected, such as Wedding, etc. In 2017, we had saw the new baby born of Tiffany’s, wedding party of Hanna, and this year we will see more baby and wedding.

Everybody was so happy to see each other after 2 weeks Spring Festival and eat the wedding candies, as well as checking and replying emails. We have a simple and colorful lunch together and in the afternoon went to Phoenix Mountain Forest for hiking. This is a traditional activity on the first working day after New Year vacation in our company. We can talk to each other under the open air, everybody shared their stories and we always laugh when heard something interested happened during holiday.

Team Member in Phoenix Mountain

Team Member in Phoenix Mountain








You can see how happy when we are walking!

Walking & Laughing

Walking & Laughing










That picture very funny. Everybody is looking at different things, when we sit down together to have a break, in the square of mountain.

What you are looking for?

What you are looking for?








We believe after such long vacation, all of our team members were fresh with energy and are ready to provide best service and suitable products to our customers. Looking forward to hearing more news from our customers, partners, friends and family, as well as looking for new people to join our team to make their dreams come true!

Team Member on the top of Mountain

Team Member on the top of Mountain













If any enquiry for Flex circuit, from single layer (single sided) FPC, dual access flex circuit, double sided flexible circuit (2L flex PCB), multi-layer flex board, to Rigid-flex circuits, whatever you need is 1 pcs prototype, 100 pcs samples, or 100,000 pcs volume production, we will always try to provide the most suitable circuit boards and best service to you. Welcome to contact us. You will see how Best Technology can save your time and money!

American Customers Visiting us after Mid-Autumn Festival

On Sep 19th, Our America customer Julie and Sonic visited us. The main topics we discussed the flexible circuit board and assembly (PCBA).

Firstly we do a sample introduced for whole FPC production process to Julie and sonic. During our production, we are strictly carry out all the production process conform with ISO9001:2008.

FPC IQC process checking

FPC IQC process checking

From the FPC raw material IQC incoming quality inspection, warehouse material management (first in first out management principle), the standard operating procedure thru production process: from flex circuit board raw material (Polyimide) cutting, drilling, lamination, stiffener/adhesive tape assembling, silkscreen, IC programming, trace & via opening & shorting and function testing, to final flex circuit board out-going inspection.


During this period, we are mainly introduced coverlay lamination process for flexible circuit board,

FPC lamination process visiting

FPC lamination process visiting








automatic stiffener assembly machine for Flex PCB,

Auto Stiffener assembly

Auto Stiffener assembly









silkscreen printing process,

FPC silkscreen printing

FPC silkscreen printing











and tooling hole punching for flexible circuit board.

tooling hole auto punching

tooling hole auto punching








After FPC production line tour, Julie and Sonic advice some comments for their 2 layers flex circuit board which with impedance control design-in.

With their good suggestions, we know how to make improvement for the flexible printed circuit board production process and the documentation control in future flexible board manufacturing.

By this visiting, both Julie and us know much more of each other and believe there’re lot opportunities for flexible circuits in come future.

Customer Luke visit Best Technology

On Aug 25th, Luke from Australia visited us. The main topics discussed were flexible circuit production process, testing and the improvement solutions.

Luke Visiting Best Technology on Aug 25 2016

Luke Visiting Best Technology on Aug 25 2016









Firstly we introduced FPC production process to Luke, from raw material cutting, drilling, laminate, stiffener/adhesive tape, silkscreen, IC programming, testing, different outline making method (laser cutting for flexible circuit board prototype, Die-punching for flex board volume production).

The most important things were opening & shorting testing for FPC and dimension and cosmetic looking using 2 D measurement machine. After seeing the E-Tester of his 4 layers flex circuit board, Luke known the board will be tested from both top and bottom side at the same time (We put and tested the flexible board top and bottom side on the E-tester, and the connector of FPC contact with the test pins on the E-Tester), and discussed how to avoid incorrect testing, such as missed or wrong testing point. The Tester was made according to customers’ original Gerber file.

By using 2D measurement machine, we found out how break off trace, hole alignment and other issues affected the function of circuit board.

After that, Luke told us his suggestions on how to make improvement for the production yield and testing and we will try these in future flexible board manufacturing.

By this visiting, both Luke and us know much more of each other and believe there’re lot opportunities for flexible circuits in future.

10 th anniversary-Best Technology Co, Limited

Best Technology Co, Limited, establish on June 28, 2006, is a Hong Kong registered company that focused on Flexible Circuit. Best Technology has been established for ten years, and has been better and better, hope we can help you more in further.

Following information is the activity that our Sales Department  celebrate the 10th for Best Technology Co, Limited.

Review the History of Best Technology Co, Limited

Review the History of Best Technology Co, Limited

Share from the founder Peter

The founder Peter share the history of Best Technology

Perfect attendance award for Coco

Perfect attendance award for Coco

Night scene

Night scene

We have a good team to help you all about PCB, so don’t hesitate to contact us if any questions, we are always here for you.

Happy Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day last Sunday, and happy mother’s day to all ma ma.

There are six mothers in our Marketing Department, and they are very beautiful mothers with good staff. Wish them a happy mother’s day.

Mother's Day

So beautiful flower, so beautiful mothers.

If you would like to know more details for Mother’s Day, you can check it on Wiki, and here is a quick portal to help you.

If  you would like to know more information of Flexible Circuit, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we are always here for you. Meanwhile you can send your FPCB file to for a quick quote.

Join US-Best Technology Co, Limited

As Best Tech get older and bigger,more worker and staff are needed,but we would better to employ worker who work in production line from China.For the staff in salesDepartment,we also would like to get some colleagues from worldwide,so now pls see the information as below to know who we would like:

Sales Manager:

  • Three years above experience in sale,2 years experience in Director of the ministry of foreign trade. Experienced with PCB or electronic is prefered.
  • Develop customers independently, customer management and Excellent customer analysis and business negotiation skills.
  • Manage Foreign trade team and Lead the group to complete performance targets.
  • College degree or above,CET-6 or above(For Chinese)
  • Fluent English:Can communicate with foreign session skilled, face to face to carry out business activities.


  • Responsible For Developing Customers
  • Maintain old customers
  • Search and find new customers from Google,B2B and yellow page,etc
  • Communicate with customers by telephone and email. Good business letter writing skills or the strong basic professional knowledge required meanwhile excellent verbal is required to be able to talk with customers by telephone and face to face without any problem
  • One year above working experience. Professional and academic: Business English, international trade,Marketing,etc, college degree or above; Secondary students will be fine if outstanding ability.
  • Ladies First,age:18~35; Excellent fresh graduate can also be considered
  • Experience in PCB/FPC sales or Understanding PCB production process will be better
  • No required for the experience in L/C, Trade documents and shipping management.Our payment is T/T and Net 30 days.

Company information:

  • Name:Best Technology Co, Limited
  • Address:Working place: 9E, Jindacheng Building, Center Rd(CBD of ShaJing), Shajing Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen,China
  • Working Time:Monday ~Friday:08:30~12:00a.m,14:00~18:00 p.m; Saturday:09:00~12:00a.m;
  • Benefits:High basic salary+ push money+ year end bonus+ Full Attendance Award(High to 6200 Yuan/year);in-house and off-site training;Development :salesman- Supervisor -manager-director- vice president;International or Domestic Travel Incentives;free dinner and have lunch with boss + afternoon tea: Snacks and fruits;Free 1-layer check-up;Spring Festival transportation costs for Expenses(For Chinese);Paid annual leave:5 days for working than one year,and increasing every year;Sports fitness leisure activities every week, every month large group activities (camping, the beach barbecue), enterprise Internet activities every quarter, 1 ~ 2 times a year to expand training;Provide free accommodation;
  • Products:Flexible PCB,single sided FPCB,Dual access FPC,Muliple FPCB,Rigid Flex PCBand so on.

You can visit our website for more information or send your resume into,also send us your email if you would like to know more.