Which kind of FPC can be replaced by FFC?

FFC (flexible flat cables) are a type of ribbon cable, so named due to their wide flat structure. They are usually a straight connector, without any additional components. The lines are straight and the spacing is fixed.

Standard FFC BFS17386-B

FPC is made of polyimide material and etched copper conductors. FPC can accept more severe tolerance than FFC and is also available in 0.3mm thick versions. There are many different kinds of FPC, including single layer, double-sided, multilayer flex circuits.

Standard Fpc BFD21076

The cost of FFC will be much lower than FFC, and the flexibility and connectivity are almost same. Normally the FFC are used in plug connectors, there are golden fingers on both side, golden finers can be in different directions; all traces are straight and the spacing is fixed, like below picture. If your FPC project is similar to this design, no component needed, then you can design it as a FFC.

FPC with EMI shield BFD17016

The black film on above FPC, itโ€™s EMI shield, if you want FFC to have a shielding effect as well, we can add the aluminum foil on FFC, like below picture.

FFC with aluminum foil BFS20233

If you have similar design or want to know more details about flexible flat cables, please feel free to contact us at sales@bestfpc.com

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