Best Technology’s Outdoor Activity in the Phoenix Mountain

On September 21, all the staff in Best Technology came to the famous Phoenix Mountain under the leadership of Peter, our general manager.

This is a meaningful journey. We picked vegetables, cut up vegetables and cooked vegetables, the dishes were so delicious as to leave a deep impression on all the staff.

During the activity, we were divided into three groups. Each group was guided by one leader, everyone shared out the work and cooperated with one another. So it just took us 2 hours to finish up all the process before we can taste the delicious food in the end.

What is worthy of being mentioned is that Peter, as a general manager of Best Technology, can even make so many dishes, which were very tasty. He was so versatile that each of us felt great belief on Best Technology.

In such a competitive circumstances, the reason why Best Technology can keep growing can not do without the guidance of Peter and endeavor of every member. During the activity in the Phoenix Mountain, it was witnessed that everyone took an active part in it and cooperated with each other eye to eye.

Thanks to this activity, everyone got to know each other better, which will be conductive to the subsequent communication and work. Expect Best Technology will become stronger and stronger.

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Thank You For Visiting Our Stand on PCB West 2019 in Santa Clara USA

10 September 2019

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our clients and business partners for visiting Best Technology at PCB West Exhibition this year.

We hope you enjoy your visit and the hospitality offered at our stand.

The exhibition gave us the opportunity to show the different PCB we can make.

Here are the pictures we took in the show for your reference.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback that you would like to share.

We hope you can get something interest and helpful on your work from this exhibition. We look forward any feedback from you , also expect seeing you again in next show, you are also welcome to visit us at any time.

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