Flexible Screen-Another breakthrough for FPC

Royole CorporationĀ released the first foldable flexible screen mobile phone (FlexPai) last month in the world. Its release perfectly figures out the long-term contradiction between HD large screen and portability. Meanwhile, it created a new way of human-computer interaction.

Actually, in addition to mobile phones, flexible screens are widely applied in smart home. The televisions with curved surface screen are no wonder to everyone, but most of people will keep an eye on flexible screens. If the flexible screen can be used in display devices of smart home, the display devices will have more affinity in human-computer interaction.

Think about it, there are many interactive displays that can be turned on and off at any time, everywhere. Then your home will seems like the scene in science fiction movies. But if we would like to realize the flexibility of the screens, flex circuitsĀ must be used in the designing. Because as the name implied, the flexible circuitsĀ possess the benefit of high flexibility which make them can be folded at your will.

As a professional vendor of flexible circuits, from 1 layer to 10 layers, 2 layers rigid-flexĀ to 16 layers rigid-flex circuits, Best TechnologyĀ is always be your best partner of flex circuitsĀ in China.

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