National Day Holiday Notice

In this golden fall, one of the Chinese important holidays—National Day is upcoming. First of all, Best Technology would like to thank you for your continued concern and supporting. According to the national regulation, we will have a holiday from October 1st, 2018 to October 3rd, 2018. And the factory will reopen on October 4th, 2018.
In order not to delay your business, we recommend our clients go ahead or postpone your orders. If you have any questions during the holidays, please feel free to contact us at +86-755-2909-1601, or
We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and we thank you for your continued supporting.

Respectfully Yours,

All the members of Best

Best, always be your best choice of Flex Circuit in China.

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New Product–2L FPC Coil Board with Bumped Point

  In September, 2018, in order to provide customers with the most suitable products and the most satisfactory services, Best Technology released a new product—-2L FPC Coil Board with Bumped Point. This product was developed on the basis of the old version. The surface of the old one is flat. For this reason, it will cause poor contact when assemble with a conductive film.  

  Could you tell the difference between the old one and the new one? If not, hoping this article can solve your puzzle.

New Version VS Old Version

Picture1: New Version VS Old Version

  There is an obvious difference—-the new version has bumped point, but the old one is opposite. So what is the advantage of 2L FPC Coil Board with Bumped Point? The new one with bumped point, it will get easier to connect when assemble with a conductive film. Because the shortcoming of the old one, we have improved with advanced technology, adding bumped points in the flex printed board. And it is easier to connect when the pad is attached with the conductive film.

  From the following picture, we can see that the new version is single-sided flexible circuit board with bumped point.

Front and back of the new version

Picture2: Front and back of the new version

If any interest in flexible PCB, please don’t hesitated to contact us. We can provide single layerdouble layer, Muti-layer flexible PCB and rigid-flex to you.

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