The Future of Flexible Circuits

As predicted by Best Technology Co.,Ltd., the market for flexible circuits is going to continue to expand steadily in the future, just as it has been doing for the past three decades. The reasons for this are not hard to find, as, on one hand, flexible circuits continue to support the existing technology so important to different industries, while on the other hand, advanced flexible circuits are able to comfortably meet the futuristic demands being made by up-coming industries, including the military, avionics, aerospace, telecommunication, consumer electronics, medical, and automotive.

One of the latest applications that flexible circuits have independently triggered as an explosion is the wearable electronics market. Wearing electronics on the body essentially calls for comfort, and flexible circuits guarantee this. Some examples of wearable electronic applications prevalent on the market are wrist-worn activity and body function monitors, foot-worn sensors, wearable baby monitors, medical sensors, pet monitors, and electronics on worn clothing. By bending and forming flexible circuits to suit the curve of the human body, the applications provide comfort for long wear and use.

Since establishment on June 28, 2006, Best Technology has been dedicated to being your best partner of flexible circuits solutions for our customers. We prefer to lose quantity rather than lose quality and with adhering to the company culture for so many years, more and more customers have been attracted by us. We are so grateful for what we have obtained so far and we will insist on providing the most satisfactory products and services for our customers. Welcome to Best Technology.

When You Want Your Flex Circuit Boards on Time

If you have a new product launch on the books, and it’s going to be a big project. Your PR department is already spinning the press release, and your marketing department has been laying the groundwork for months. Suddenly, your flex circuit board vendor says that they’re running two weeks behind. That’s not a problem, is it?

As a business owner, you can’t afford to miss a product launch deadline or to run out of inventory when your customers are eager for your products. That means every single step in your supply chain must be reliable. If one vendor falls behind, the entire system grounds to a halt, meaning costly delays or mad scrambling, which is unacceptable.

Then,when you are seeking for vendors, consistency is the key. At Best Technology, we understand how important it is to meet your deadline. We are experts in manufacturing flexible circuit boards and rigid flex circuits based on the highest quality standards and we have accumulated much experiences since our establishment on June 28, 2006. We also own an excellent shipping department capable of getting your order to you on time wherever you are. You can rest assured we will not fall behind and cause delays!

If you are looking for a new flex circuit vendor or are unsatisfied with your current vendor, contact us today. We will give you a surprise.

Investigation to Best Technology by Guangzhou University

On April 17, 2019, some of the teachers and students from Guangzhou University came to Best Technology for investigation, with the aim of learning from the successful experience and advanced practices of colleges and universities in high-level talent team construction and personnel training, and strengthening inter-school exchanges as well as deeply understanding the corporate culture of Best Technology and deepening school-enterprise cooperation.

Corporate investigation

With the continuous development of the world economy and the continuous improvement of the socialist market economy, the competition among enterprises is becoming more and more serious.In such fierce competition, how to preserve strength and achieve development has been included in the development planning by more and more enterprises. And the corporate culture, just like the spiritual water to save the enterprise, is becoming more and more prominent.

Corporate investigation

In this enterprise investigation, the two parties held discussions on internal management system and so on, wishing to take this research as an opportunity to carry out in-depth exchanges and discussions in line with the principle of “complementary advantages, win-win cooperation” in order to promote the common development of both schools and enterprises.

This exchange not only broadens the field of vision and updates the concept, but also plays a positive role in promoting the construction of high-level talent team, strengthening school-enterprise cooperation and so on.

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Best Technology’s Spring Recruitment

President Xi ever said, talents are the first resource. The development of a company can not do without talents. Considering this, Best Technology’s human resource team came to Guangxi Yulin Normal University in the hope of recruiting more fresh energy with the increasing trend of corporate business on March 29, 2019.

Recruitment 2

This is an exciting Spring, as well as a graduation season. Best Technology, as a leading supplier of circuit boards, will naturally not miss this opportunity to absorb talent from all over the country to better serve its clients.

recruitment 3

In a sea of the crowds, the graduate students were so dynamic and energetic. After a mutual understanding and acquaintance, Best Technology harvested a good deal.

recruitment 4

Since established in June 2006, Best Technology was dedicated to becoming the best suitable partner of specific, advanced, high-precision printed circuit boards. We don’t forget why we started and move forward bravely. It is just this corporate idea that drives us to welcome one customer after another from all over the world.



We do believe, with the addition of fresh energy, Best Technology will usher in a brighter and more gorgeous tomorrow.

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Best Technology Team Back to Office on Feb 5th

Hello Everybody! We had backed to office on Feb 5! (The ninth day of first month of Chinese Lunar Calendar)

It’s a lucky and sunny day! We had 12 people backed to office (excludes people in factory) and according to Chinese culture, number 12 means every month will be lucky and full of successful!

Today one more girl back, tomorrow another guy will back. It’s a normal thing people didn’t back to office on the first day because there’re always something unexpected, such as Wedding, etc. In 2017, we had saw the new baby born of Tiffany’s, wedding party of Hanna, and this year we will see more baby and wedding.

Everybody was so happy to see each other after 2 weeks Spring Festival and eat the wedding candies, as well as checking and replying emails. We have a simple and colorful lunch together and in the afternoon went to Phoenix Mountain Forest for hiking. This is a traditional activity on the first working day after New Year vacation in our company. We can talk to each other under the open air, everybody shared their stories and we always laugh when heard something interested happened during holiday.

Team Member in Phoenix Mountain

Team Member in Phoenix Mountain








You can see how happy when we are walking!

Walking & Laughing

Walking & Laughing










That picture very funny. Everybody is looking at different things, when we sit down together to have a break, in the square of mountain.

What you are looking for?

What you are looking for?








We believe after such long vacation, all of our team members were fresh with energy and are ready to provide best service and suitable products to our customers. Looking forward to hearing more news from our customers, partners, friends and family, as well as looking for new people to join our team to make their dreams come true!

Team Member on the top of Mountain

Team Member on the top of Mountain













If any enquiry for Flex circuit, from single layer (single sided) FPC, dual access flex circuit, double sided flexible circuit (2L flex PCB), multi-layer flex board, to Rigid-flex circuits, whatever you need is 1 pcs prototype, 100 pcs samples, or 100,000 pcs volume production, we will always try to provide the most suitable circuit boards and best service to you. Welcome to contact us. You will see how Best Technology can save your time and money!

Chinese Lantern Festival

Hello Everyone,

Today is Chinese Lantern Festival,While Chinese people would like to eat sweet dumplings,symbolizing family completely round.After this Festival,the Chinese Spring Festival is end and everyone will start to work hard for the better life.

In ancient times,Chinese people also guess Lantern riddle on this Festival,which is a very interesting game,and GuessGame also need the rich culture of China.

Warm welcome you come to China for Lantern Festival,but don’t worry we will provide some pictures of Lantern Festival if you can not participate in this Time.




Guess Game

Another questions which you may care,today is a Festival but we have no holiday for it,so don’t worry about your orders,we still work even it is Festival today,because Lantern Festival is not a public holiday.So don’t hesitate to send your orders if you would like to order Flexible PCB,Flexible Rigid PCB,if you would like to know more information pls visit our website:Best Technology Co, Limited

Chinese Spring Festival (Lunar New Year)

We’re glad to let everybody know that we’re going to have the Spring Festival, the Lunar New Year for Chinese people (Normally start from the 24th day of the twelve month, to the 7th day of the first month, of lunar calendar), from Feb 1st to Feb 14th and will resume on Feb 15th (Monday).

Everybody in our company have worked hard, efficiently, tried every effort to reach our 2015 target. And finally, we have exceeded our personal limitation and get a prosperous 2015.

Now let’s have a good rest, relax ourselves, enjoy the happy time with family, friends. Thanks for their supporting that everybody in our company can work without worrying anything else.

We believe our team will be filled with more fresh energy after resume on Feb 15th. Let’s see how we can do, what supporting we will do for you, whatever you need is single layer flex circuit board, dual access flex circuit, double side fpc, multi-layer flex circuit, or rigid-flex circuits, we will always treat you as the VIP of Best Technology, even it is only 1 pcs prototype. Where you are on the Earth, our replies always come in reach you within 12 hours!

2015 Chinese New Year & Order Deadline Information

Hello Everybody,


Time flying so fast! Chinese Lunar New Year is coming soon. Thanks for your support in 2014 and always appreciated what you did for us! Looking forward to doing more with you in 2015!


Please to be noted that our company will be closed during the following period:


Closing Period: Feb 14th to Feb 28th

Resume on:  March 1st


As you know, lead time before and after our long holiday always much longer than normal (Normally will take extra 1-2 weeks). In order to avoid any potential delay for products delay, please consider our holiday arrangement and help to release order more early.

Here are deadline for orders which need to be shipped before our holiday:


  1. A) For samples:

New Orders: Feb 2nd for 1L FPC &  2L FPC; Jan 23th for 4-6L FPC; Jan 23rd for 2-4 layers Rigid-flex

Repeated order: Feb 3rd for 1L FPC &  2L FPC; Jan 25th for 4-6L FPC; Jan 21st for 2-4 layers 4-6L FPC

  1. B) For Volume Production:

New Orders: Jan 30th for 1L FPC &  2L FPC; Jan 26th for 4-6L FPC; Rigid-flex: it’ll be March, 15.
Repeated order: Jan 31th for 1L FPC &  2L FPC; Jan 28th for 4-6L FPC; Rigid-flex: it’ll be March, 15.
Above lead time is subject to our confirmation after order receiving, as order on production line always increased so much.


For orders released late than above time, lead time will be in March, 2015.


Above lead time is subject to our confirmation after order receiving, as order on production line always increased so much.


Regarding SMT and other types of boards, please contact us for lead time.


We also have limited quick-turn service for some simple boards, contact us if any requirement.


Wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! Let’s do more things together in 2015!

Best Technology, always to be your best partner of 1L FPC &  2L FPC;  multi-layerFPC and Rigid-flex in China!

Work Resumes after Chinese New Year

Hello Everybody,

After a long time of silence in emailing, we have back to office and resume the work today. With full of enthusiasm, filled with fresh energy, Best Technology team will do better and serve our customer much better in New Year!

During this period, the products lead time will be about 0.5-1 week later than normal condition, but it’ll turn back to normal very quickly.

Thanks for the supporting from everybody and believe we will do much more business together in 2014 and a bright, prosperous New Year!

Best Technology Sales Team