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Flexible PCB Production Equipments

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Here are some equipments to make flexible PCB (flex circuit board), but not limited to follows. We keep used state-of-art machine to make high quality flexible PCB (flexible printed circuit board).

Drill CNC Dril l Process for Making Through-holes for Double-sided or Multi-layer FPC
Laser Drill
Copper Plating Machine Plating for electrically connecting each layer by Through-holes
For Single-side Photo Imaging for making circuit on the Photo Imagable Film
(Roll to Roll Process)
For Double-side
Etching Machine Etching process for making circuit(Roll to Roll Process)
Hot Press The Process for Coverlay Laminating or Outlayer Stacking up for Multi-layer Flexible Circuits ( flex printed circuit)
Printer Silk Screen Printing for Solder Resist Ink or Marking
Gold Plating Machine Surface Treatment for better solderbility or Anti-discolloring
Bare Board Tester Test Equipment for checking electrical performance of Flexible Circuits
CNC Drill
Copper Plating Machine(Vertical Type)
Exposure Machine For Single-side
CNC Drill Copper Plating Machine(Vertical Type) Exposure Machine For Single-side
Exposure Machine For Double-side
Etching Machine
Exposure Machine For Double-side Flex Circuits FPC Etching Machine Hot-Press
Solder Resist Printer
Gold Plating Machine
FPC Solder Resist Printer FPC Gold Plating Machine BARE BOARD TESTER


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